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Johnny Coelho


Please help me bring clean drinking water to over 1,000 children, women, and men! This year for my birthday, I'm raising money to help build a water well in Haiti.


Over 660 million people lack access to clean drinking water. Over 4,000 children die each day due to it's inaccessibility. These are mothers, daughters, brothers, sons, wives, and little kids that are dying. WE MUST DO SOMETHING about it! When creating this project I asked myself, "what if it were my children?" I immediately sprung into action! I knew that in order to build 1 more well, I would need to take massive action and ask for help from everyone I know as soon as possible. 

Why Haiti?

Haiti is still suffering from multiple natural disasters, corruption, and extreme poverty. Men, women, and children are dying daily due to the lack of access to water, let alone clean drinking water. In short, they need help + we can help = we'll try our best to help.


1. Donate! Every little bit counts and goes towards a life-saving and community transforming solution (water wells). If we don't raise the money, we can't build the well.

2. Text Me (Todd) at 831-905-0482 to become an individual fundraiser and I'll create a page for you ASAP!

3. Spread the word. Share this page's URL with family and friends via social media, e-mail, and text.


The Bigger Picture

Everything I do is about transformation. From my own experience, the greatest joy and fulfillment comes from when we are serving others. It it when we get lost in service of others that we discover our purpose and a tidal wave of compassion washes our soul. I want to extend this opportunity to make a difference to YOU. I want you to have a chance to save a life. This is a vote for love, unity, and compassion. We need that in the world now, more than ever. 


Upon donating, you'll receive an e-mail with your donation receipt, which can be used as a tax-write off. You'll also be notified when the the wells are complete as well as receive video, pictures, GPS location, and stories from the communities.



*all donations are tax-deductible